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Information about Curation Dashboard


Curation Dashboard is a service originally developed by the technical team of the ACDH-CH hosted and maintained by CLARIN-ERIC. Its goal is to support CMD metadata authors and curators to improve quality of metadata for language resources. More information:

Structure and functionality

Curation Dashboard consists of three modules:

  • Curation-core
  • Curation-web
  • Linkchecker


This module does the actual analysis of individual CMD profiles, records and whole collections according to a number of quality criteria and generates reports and statistics which help discover potential problems that cause a lower metadata quality.

The reports are re-generated regularly (twice weekly) on the most recent dump of CMDI records as collected by the CLARIN-VLO harvester.


This is the user facing web application. It offers four main functions:


It checks constantly and repeatedly (with respecting the robots.txt files) all the URLs contained in metadata records of the collections. Checking means sending HEAD and/or GET requests to URLs and saving the results (just the request meta-information, the headers, not the payload itself) in a database. Core module later uses these results to generate statistics and takes them into consideration when assessing the quality of the metadata. Additionally, the results are also used by the CLARIN metadata catalogue, the VLO, to indicate the availability of a resource. This module is maintained in a separate code-base.

Frequently Asked Questions and Feedback

You may go to our faq page, which tries to answer the most common questions. If your question is not answered, feel free to mail us.